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The world of social media can feel like an endless maze

& coming up with engaging social media content can be wildly overwhelming - especially if you feel lost when it comes to what strategies will move the needle. That's where we come to the rescue!


Our resources help you stop shooting in the dark and start maximizing what you do online.

Social Strategy

Let us help you build the strategy you need to take your business to the next level.


Join our vibrant community of fellow entrepreneurs, small business owners, and creatives.

Our monthly social media mentoring subscription provides you with actionable, quality guidance that will help you build your social media confidence.

Your monthly subscription of $97 includes

Curated Captions

Kick writers' block to the curb with our pre-written captions that are as simple as copy-paste and cover a range of topics proven to perform.

ALL of the Hashtags

Access to our Hashtag Vault filled with over 50 categories of proven, quality hashtags that will enhance your content and engagement!

Inspirational Graphics

Up your meme game each month! Use them as posts or in your stories for a dash of inspiration for you and your followers!

Resources & Lessons

Unlock all of our worksheets, handouts, and mini-courses to help guide you into more meaningful and engaging content.

One-on-One Guidance

Guidance is only a click away. We are here to hold your hand through your social media journey. 

"I tell EVERYONE with a business to join because it’s a very useful tool. Especially for people like me that feel lost in a sea of social media. "

"ESV Insiders is the secret sauce! It has all the resources you need to build your social community! We have already seen growth in the first week by making small but meaningful adjustments."

"Eliza's guidance has given me a method to the madness when it comes to tackling social media effectively! The Insider resources have been especially helpful to not only make social media less stressful, but more effective too. I've had growth in both my social media engagement and bookings. Eliza and ESV Insiders are worth their weight in gold!"

"I joined the group and love it! It gives me so many tips and tools that I can use so I can focus on my number one priority - taking care and spending time with my clients."

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